Signup Agreement

By registering with us, You agree to our Terms & Conditions of our Gallery website. You will not copy, steal or use any gadgets, smartphones to use any of our information or Media files without written permission. All media files can be used only when purchasing a license, or by special arrangement with us. The Free Facebook Media file can be downloaded and used for private user account only, not for adverts or editorial use, and must contain the Watermark, you are not allowed to crop out the watermark or make any editing of the Media file.

If you intend to use our Media Files for Editorial Use, you have to add our Mandatory Credit Line immediately below each and every image. Failure to add the Credit line is an (image used without Credit)  Which carries a fine of €250 Euro per image and place. Failure to show Credit line is handled by third-party and will send invoice direct to you. 

Further to Our New Privacy Agreement and Data Protection:
We collect a min of data required to serve our customers with downloadable images, So we collect Email address to be able to send you the links, We collect Your First Name And Surname just to serve you better.
When You place an order with us, all your payment data and credit card data are handled by either (PayPal) or (STRIPE) These are the 2 approved Payment Processors for our Website Business. They do not pass on any information to our servers except for a Token digit which tells our system that your payment has been received and approved, this allows our system to release the downloadable link. 
If you order shippable products, such as a Print, we need your Shipping Address on file to be able to deliver the Purchased product.

1. From 25 May 2018, we will no longer tag or add names to photos, unless we have the persons approval to do so. Except in certain circumstances such as a person of general interest for Editorial Media, Press News, and Newspaper.
2. We have started to delete or alter images that identify a person(s).  
3. All data we collect and retain is only for our own internal use, and for your convenience to place orders for photographs in the future. You can view all your data and details in your user account.
4. We respect that some customers do not wish to have this data collected by us if you wish you can have your account deleted by request. All requests are verified and deleted within 48 Hours.

If you have any concerns about your data and to view what data we have of you and an account holder, please contact us at any time.