Purchase Agreement

By Purchasing images from us you agree to our terms & conditions in regards to how the images are used according to the License. All images are the property of Rockmountain Studios and ownership is not transferred by purchasing a license use of an image(s). Make sure you follow the License Agreement as to restrictions of usage depending on which license you purchased. Any Image license under "Private Use" can not be used for any types of advertisement private or business, Editorial use in print or online, it's only for the person who purchased it and his/her personal social media accounts. Failure to follow the License Agreement, Terms & Conditions, and our Purchase Agreement could lead to fines and possible legal actions. Any such cost will be put on you. So please, it takes just a quick phone call or email to request approval or find out if you can use the image before you do it. By accepting and placing an purchase order with us, you agree to the above Terms.